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Lockdown relationships: Are tensions rising at home?

Are tensions rising at home?

Earlier this week, I shared a really interesting video conference with Emma Melrose, Principality Director of DISC Simple.

I wanted to share this as I know that for some, lockdown has pushed relationships to their limits. And with movement restrictions in place, it's harder to find space from conflict or seek counsel in order to help resolve conflict. Emma introduced me to their couples online assessment tool and explained how it could be used to remedy such situations.


It's easy to get the hump with your partner when you disagree or seemingly have different priorities or pace at which you wish to do something. Much can be misunderstood and this can result in confusion, frustration and upset. And this behaviour can be hard break, especially if you're not able to see how the other has reached their conclusions.

So DISC Simple have launched an online assessment tool which helps to identify your tendencies, personality traits and behavioural styles. This actually started as a tool used in the workplace to help teams better understand how to work more harmoniously with one another, to improve productivity and reduce conflict. Seeing how much this improved working relationships, they realised this would apply the same to other personal relationships - particularly since seeing the increase in marital problems since lockdown has been in place.

When we understand each other's perspective and behavioural types, we can start to find solutions because we're able to acknowledge how the other person is reacting to the situation. Making us more able to compromise and adjust to one another rather than butting heads.

The Assessment takes place online and takes around 20 minutes to complete. You then receive a detailed report and a comparison to your partner which includes how you can find your "middle ground". You also get a webinar of call with one the team to go through the report together and help consolidate conclusions.

I wanted to share this as I can see how this could greatly benefit and strengthen relationships, especially those on the brink of exhaustion. Whether that be with your spouse, teenage children or friend even.

If you'd like to find out more please reach out via the contact below:

Email one of their friendly team at:

Request a sample and learn how this could help your relationship.

Or watch their introductory video here.

"Are tensions rising at home having to work together and parent together? Rejoice in the Differences is a simple tool to help you improve your communication, teamwork and productivity while you are isolated with your partner/spouse. "

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