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Massage with me! LIVE Mini-Massage Tutorials. Available every Monday evening on Facebook.

Like so many businesses, we've had our world turned upside down due to Corona Virus.

But rather than admit total defeat we wanted to try and find a way to continue our support to you remotely... not the easiest of tasks as you might imagine!

So, as we can no longer come to you, we came up with the idea to give you the tools to treat yourselves and those you're living with.

Genius ehy?

We trialled the idea on Monday with a Neck & Shoulder tutorial and were absolutely thrilled by the reception it received.

So, in response to your encouraging feedback we've decided to make this a weekly event!

In order to make things as easy as possible we decided we would run it weekly - same place, same time so it can fit into your new routine.

We'll be running the tutorials LIVE on Facebook, every Monday from 7:30pm. All you need to do is "like" our page and look out for the live feed starting. Each week we will let you know what area we'll be working on and give you instructions for any bits to prepare (although this will be minimal - we know you don't have massage tables or professional oils hanging around the house!).

The tutorials will be made up of easy-to use techniques designed for total beginners. You'll be guided through step-by-step by National Massage Champion Kate Browne. Kate will show you how to position yourselves, utilise what you have at home and most importantly, how to give a great massage! The routine will be repeated twice so both you and your partner can have a go.

This a wonderful opportunity to dedicate 20 - 30 minutes once a week to check in with yourself and focus on your wellbeing. It's also a great moment to feel more connected and bonded to your massage partner. And if that wasn't enough, you also get to learn and develop new skills, learn how to release tension, ease stress, anxiety and generally FEEL GOOD!

Sessions are brought to you free of charge as we understand so many are now in financially vulnerable positions. If however you would like to make a donation then you can follow this link and give your chosen amount. Any donations are gratefully received.

Find us on Facebook.

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