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This where you'll find important information including our Covid Client Information Document, how to prepare for your treatment, our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

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Preparing for your massage treatment




Mobile services: During the winter months we recommend having your heating on slightly higher than usual. This will help you to stay cosy and warm during your massage. If you do tend to feel the cold more than most, you are welcome to have a spare blanket at hand for extra comfort!


Visit Us: We use an electric blanket during colder months to keep you nice a cosy during your massage. If you'd prefer not to have this feature just let us know.

What to wear


We advise wearing something comfortable and easy to undress/dress from. Lounge wear or loose gym clothes work well. If you're at home, feel free to wrap up in your dressing gown - it will save you trying to put on clothes over oily skin! Underwear such as briefs, boxers or knickers should be worn as matter of hygiene and policy.



Hydration is very important following a massage so drink plenty of water and/or herbal tea. If you are visiting us for a massage, please bring a bottle of water to your appointment. Good hydration will help aid in the recovery of tissues, especially following any deeper work. 



We supply relaxation music to play during treatments, but if you’d like to play your own music or prefer silence then that's no problem, just let your therapist know at the beginning of your session. If you're at home and would like to burn incense or light a few candles then this is entirely your preference, whatever helps you to relax and soak up all the goodness from your session!


Terms & Conditions

Please note: We have different terms and conditions depending on your booking type. If you are making a booking for a group, holiday or an office visit then you will be sent separate terms and conditions relevant to your circumstances. The conditions below are for individual bookings only.

Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment please give us as much notice as possible, as last minute changes often result in a loss of earnings to the therapist. Therefore, changes (rescheduling or cancelling) made with 24 hours or less of your appointment will incur our late cancellation fee of £15. Rescheduling on-the-day will be charged £30. On-the-day cancellations or missed appointments will be charged the full treatment fee. If your reason for changing or cancelling the booking is due to exceptional or unforeseen circumstances (including developing symptoms of Covid-19) then we can waive any fees.


Making Payment


If booking online, you can use our safe and easy payment process where the full treatment fee will be required to complete the booking. If you're booking over the phone or email, payment can be made in advance of the massage by bank transfer or you can give your card details over the phone. Sales receipts and invoices are available upon request.

Gift Vouchers


Gift vouchers are available to purchase via Gift Up! They are valid and redeemable within the dates specified on each individual voucher. Vouchers redeemed outside of these dates will not be accepted. Please ensure that the person who will be receiving the treatment is within the service radius (within 10 miles of Stroud) and are able to accommodate the treatment in their home. If they are outside of our standard service radius then you can enter a bespoke amount in the "choose amount" option. 

Gift vouchers with an expiry date after the 20th of March 2020 will have an extended expiry period of 6 months. This is from your original expiry date. Any gift vouchers bought during the "Corona period", will also be extended so that you can redeem it at a time you are comfortable - also an additional 6 months (12 months in total). Clients can choose to wait until we are offering mobile therapy again or come to our home therapy room in Stroud. The voucher value will match the length of the treatment, for example, a 60 minute treatment voucher can be redeemed for a 60 minute treatment at our home therapy room. No monetary value will be carried over or change given where there is a small difference in price.

Late Arrivals

If coming for a treatment at our home-therapy room, please try to arrive on time for your appointment or notify us if you’re running late. If you do arrive then we will complete the session in the remaining time.


We have two types of membership available:

Our Vitality Membership, which entitles members to two massages per month at a discounted rate of 5%. Two month commitment / four treatment minimum applies. 


And our Transformative Membership, which entitles members to four massages per month at a discounted rate of 10%. One month commitment / four treatment minimum applies.

Please ensure you've selected the correct service for your membership, IE.: Mobile or Visit Us.

Memberships requires a four treatment minimum and will continue thereafter until the membership is cancelled. Unused appointments cannot be rolled over to the next month so we recommend booking your massages in right away. We also recommend having a singular treatment first to see how you get on and to ensure you'll be able to make appointments with your therapist at the desired times.

Inappropriate behaviour


Cotswold Mobile Massage has a zero tolerance policy to inappropriate behaviour. We reserve the right to terminate a treatment with immediate effect and without refund if the client demonstrates behaviour including but not limited to: intimidation, verbal aggression, physical violence, evidence of intoxication or sexual behaviour. 


Privacy Policy

1. Consent: If you fill in our website's contact form or use our online booking system, you are allowing Cotswold Mobile Massage to hold your personal information. If you don't wish for your contact details to be saved, you may state so in your original message or by contacting us directly at any time. The information you supply during your initial consultation for massage treatment will be held together with any further clinical records to make up your complete Client Record. Your personal contact information will only be used for the purposes of contacting you regarding an up coming booking, an appointment reminder or following up after your treatment.

2. Storing your information: Your information and digital records are stored on an password protected computer, secure Cloud Server and; where applicable; on the secure control panel for this website. Any paper records are stored in a secure, fire-proof unit. If you are asked to sign documents via DocuSign; an electronic signature platform; your information will also be saved securely on their database. You can view their privacy policy here.

3. Retaining your information: You have the right to ask us to destroy your records at any time, if you wish to terminate our working relationship. Otherwise, adults’ records are retained for eight years following our last date of contact. Children’s records are retained until their 25th or 26th birthday, depending on the exact age of the child when their treatment ended.


4. Accessing your information: Your personal information and information obtained during your initial consultation will only be used for the purposes of informing your treatment and will never be shared with any third party without your explicit written consent. You have the right to request a copy of your records at any time. These will be sent by email, in a PDF format. 


5. Sharing your information: Your information will be kept strictly confidential, unless there are legal grounds for us to disclose something you have shared. We shall always inform you if we feel that disclosure is necessary and seek your permission and co-operation first. If there's reason for your information to be shared between therapists for the purposes of your treatments then your permission will be sought before any information is shared.


6. Complaints: If, for any reason, you are unhappy with how we are handling your data, please raise your concerns with us first, so that we can seek a resolution. If you are still not satisfied, then you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

7. Covid-19: If one of our working therapists or clients reports they have contracted the virus or have been accidentally exposed to someone with confirmed Covid-19, we will immediately contact anyone that been in close proximity to us in the last 14 days. In the event of this, we will make contact by phone and email to ensure you get the message as quickly as possible. Our practice will also close for a minimum 7 day period.