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Cotswold Mobile Massage is a quality mobile massage service created by National Massage Champion, Kate Browne. Our professional therapy team covers Stroud and the surrounding Cotswolds.


Our luxurious range of treatments are conveniently bought to your location delivered by our hand-picked team of professional and friendly therapists. Whether you're at home, in the office, at an event, staying in a hotel or holiday home - we've got you covered.

Simply get in touch or use our easy online booking system to book your massage now.


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How mobile massage could benefit you




​"When I created the business in 2014, my aim was to make massage accessible. I’d hear from friends only too often about how they’re not able to take time out of work or get away from the house, even to make appointments to see a doctor or dentist. Sadly, this forces many of us to let our health and wellbeing take a back seat, while ignoring our bodies’ signs that it may need some extra help once in a while.


That’s why offering home visits has become such a valuable way of delivering quality treatment, as it enables access to massage therapy in a more convenient and flexible way. Home visits help you to maximise the benefits of your massage by eliminating the need to drive or travel after your appointment. And because you are in your own home environment, you can really listen to your body - taking a warm bath, having a nap or even just putting your feet up with a nice cup of tea. Ultimately, extending all the wonderful massage benefits for as long as possible. 

Home visits are suitable for a wide variety of people - young or old, those with busy family lives or strict working hours. Those with disabilities, reduced mobility, pro athletes or public figures.  Our service is professional, confidential and of an excellent standard.


We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you soon."

Kate Browne, Founder and Lead Practitioner


2019 National Massage Champion

1st Place in Advanced Massage

and Winner of the Judges Excellence Award