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Cotswold Mobile Massage is an independent quality mobile massage service created by multi-award winning therapist, Kate BrowneOur professional therapy team covers the Cotswolds, offering a luxurious range of treatments that are conveniently brought to your location, whether you're at home, in the office or on holiday.

Simply get in touch or use our easy online booking system to book your massage now.

What Makes us Unique?

Expect a sublime massage experience, that not only pampers your senses but also empowers our team


Fair Pay and Treatment of our Team

We take immense pride in our commitment to both an exceptional client experience, and fair treatment of our talented therapists. We believe that well-trained and well-compensated therapists are the heart and soul of our success. Unlike many spas that adhere to minimum wage standards, we value our teams skill and time, which is why they receive the lion's share of every booking.

A Hand Picked Team

To maintain the highest standards, we individually trial each of our core team members, to ensure quality of their therapeutic work and massage equipment.



Supplementary Training

Additionally, team members benefit from free access to a comprehensive video library of supplementary training, empowering them to continuously develop and refine their personal practice.


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