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Creating your Perfect Cosy Space

The days are drawing shorter, the rain is becoming a more frequent affair, and one by one, we reluctantly surrender to turning on the central heating!

Whilst it's sad to wave goodbye to summer, we are also excited by the turn of season - excited to hunker down with hot drinks, hot water bottles, board games and blankets.

And when the wind is howling and the rain is inevitably pouring, there's no better feeling than nesting down to receive a delicious, nurturing massage in comfort of your own home space. So to help you create the perfect cosy atmosphere, and embrace the Autumn season, here are a few of our top tips...

  1. Pre Heat your Room

It may sound obvious, but it's easy to forget to put your heating on, and believe us when we say, it'll make all the difference to have a warm room when you're having your massage. That's because when you're lying still you will start to feel the cold more. Even though we'll be keeping you wrapped up apart from the bits we're working on, it pays to have the room warm!

2. Keep a Spare Blanket Handy

We'll supply soft drapes and towels to keep you covered up and warm. However, there's only so much we can pack for one booking. So we suggest keeping a blanket handy so we can put this over the top of our linens for extra warmth. Don't worry, your therapist will take care not to get an oil transfers on your blanket :)

3. Closing the Blinds or Curtains

Closing the blinds or curtains not only maintains your privacy, but also creates a nice soft light. Pair this with side lights or dimmed over-head lighting for soft, ambient lighting.

4. Candles

There's nothing more inviting than the gentle flicker of candles. Light as many as you like for a golden glow!

5. Dressing Gown and Slippers

There's no need to dress up on our account. Feel free to wear lounge wear or just your dressing gown over pants so you can wrap up warm right after your massage. Keep slippers or thick socks hand to pop on your feet right after for ultimate comfort.

With love, The Cotswold Mobile Massage Team x


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