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Cotswold Founder invited to attend Blockchain Summit

In the world of blockchain, where innovation and collaboration are key, the PEER Summit stands out as a unique gathering of leaders, thinkers, artists, and innovators. This weekend retreat, held at picturesque Powder Mountain in Utah, promises curated conversations, snow sports, culinary experiences, and wellness activities.

Among the wellness activities, attendees have the privilege of receiving massage therapy from our very own Founder and lead practitioner, Kate Browne.

PEER Summit is an exclusive event that brings together a diverse group of individuals passionate about exploring the state and future of blockchain. Hosted by Jared Hutchings and Jack Herrick at Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah, this retreat offers an intimate setting for thought-provoking conversations, collaboration, and innovation. The event hosted world renowned speakers including American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, writer and author, Bryan Johnson.

Kate's involvement:

In 2022, Kate attended the World Massage Championships in Copenhagen, having been awarded entry after winning the UK National Massage Championships in 2019. It's here, where she met likeminded entrepreneur and therapist, Kris Thomasberg. Kris and Kate discovered that they both operated similar mobile businesses, with Kate's based in the UK and Kris's in the United States. They formed a strong connection, bonding over their shared passion for massage therapy, commitment to delivering exceptional service, and their aspirations to grow their respective mobile businesses. This friendship blossomed into a fruitful collaboration, as Kris and Kate traveled between the UK and America, honing their exceptional four-hand massage routine. Their talents have garnered them private bookings and opportunities to showcase their skills across various destinations in America, allowing them to share their united talent with a wider audience.

The Importance of Wellness at PEER Summit:

PEER Summit recognizes the significance of holistic well-being in fostering creativity, productivity, and collaboration. By incorporating wellness activities such as; yoga, massage and poetry into the retreat; attendees are encouraged to take care of their physical and mental health amidst the stimulating conversations and activities. Across the weekend, Kris and Kate offered bespoke massage sessions to attendees, along with assisted Restorative Yoga and Massage.

Kris and Kate are delighted to have been invited back, and booked for the 2025 event, hosted in Eden, Utah, USA.


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