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What adaptations are in place around Covid-19?


Please refer to our Mobile Therapies Client Information Document.


Is my home suitable?


Most homes can accommodate the space required for a massage table - a table is approximately 1 metre x 2 metres and requires enough working space around it for the client to move without compromising their posture. A living room or kitchen usually has enough space, but for those who have limited space, we also have ergonomic massage chairs - also suitable for clients with limited mobility who may struggle to get on and off a massage table.

Parking and access



We may not be able to provide services to buildings that have multiple flights of stairs, steep steps, small rooms or lack of parking.

Parking is essential. Please ensure you have somewhere close by if you don't have a private drive or parking space. This is required for safe loading and unloading of equipment.

Can you visit my hotel room


Yes we can. Although some hotel rooms are quite small and would not fit our massage tables in. We advise getting in touch with a photo of the room if you're not sure or putting us in touch with the hotel concierge to discuss options. We also advise checking with the hotel that they are happy for us to provide services there. Please be aware that some locations are not suitable if there's not nearby parking or if there are steep narrow stairs (as with some old Cotswold character properties)

Who can have massage?


Massage is generally safe and suitable for all ages, genders and body types, although the average "safe weight load" for our tables is 18 stone. Therefore, if you're over this weight we regret to inform you that we won't be able to treat you. If you're seeking treatment for a particular ailment or injury then we’d be happy to answer your questions via the Contact tab at the top of the page or give us a call.

Can I remove my underwear for the massage?


No. As part of our therapist safety measures and hygiene protocols you will need to keep your underwear on accept for bras which we recommend are removed for massage.

How will the session work if I'm pregnant?


Our pregnancy massages are delivered with you lying on your side, comfortably supported by bolsters. We'll work down one side of your body and then turn halfway to work down the other half.

What can massage help with?


Although we cannot guarantee results, massage has been know to help with:

stress relief, muscular aches and pains, joint stiffness / lack of mobility / loss of flexibility, sleep deprivation, headaches and migraines,

sciatica, pregnancy related aches and pains, postnatal depression, runners knee, ITB syndrome and plantar fasciitis, recovery from injury

fibromyalgia, M.E chronic pain and much more...

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