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A Home Gaming Paradise, Treated to Massage at Work.

Andy Beresford, Co-Founder of home gaming paradise, Home Leisure Direct got in touch with us to invite us to give his hard working staff a relaxing treat to finish their Friday off on a high.

I'm not exactly a home games buff, but it would be hard not to impressed by the vibrant showrooms, showcasing shiney, suductive looking games, from pool tables to pinball, pacman to table football, juke boxes to air hockey. What's more, they offer "free play", which means you can turn up with your friends or family and play any of the games for free!

Once I'd pulled myself away from the shiney showrooms I set to work giving each member of staff a 20 minute massage session, complete with scented candles of course.

This offered a great opportunity to wind down at the end of the week and ease nicely into a well earnt weekend. #happyworkforce

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