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There's no business like Snow Business

Last week, we were invited to attend a Wellbeing day at local business, Snow Business!

You would never know such an incredible place exists when entering the business estate in Ebley, but through the gates the creative tells began to show in the forms of interesting metal sculptures and juxtaposition of old and new architecture. Inside was a visual treat, with playful snow machines, pillars of giant ice cubes and movie posters to signify each motion picture they'd provided snow for - which is just about every film you see snow in EVER.

What a wonderful setting to give massage in! I couldn't help but start to feel festive.

After a early morning of yoga in the meadow, each member of staff came and had a 15 minute seated massage from out portable massage chair. This gave staff the opportunity to relax and switch off from work life whilst gaining some relief from chronic areas of tension - namely the neck and shoulders. It also gave the opportunity for them to seek advice on how they might improve their symptoms, through appropriate exercise, ideas for stretching, home care ideas and adaptations for work.

The great thing about having these massage sessions at work aren't just to provide a short window of escapism and relaxation, but to help highlight and educate the importance of looking after our bodies, and how we can reduce our aches and pains by making simple adjustments to our everyday. Having massage provided at work helps to raise morale and productivity - a happy employee is a productive employee. It is therefore important to invest into our people and invest in ourselves. We all deserve the chance for a little RnR, and the reminder that we don't have to live with restricted movement, discomfort or pain. Sometimes, we just need to be given the opportunity...

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