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Sports taping with Rock Tape

Today I embarked on a fun and fundamental workshop in kinesology taping, with Niki Cope, official Rock Doc, at The Bristol College of Massage and Bodyworks.

Taping's a skill every sports therapist should have at their disposal, and so this training was a great opportunity for me to improve, explore and learn! 

Kinesiology taping is used by many therapeautic modalities and can be used in many different ways.

Some of it's most effective uses include:

Pain relief

Reduction of swelling

Accelerated recovery for bruises

Helps prevent cramping

Speedier recovery of overused muscles

Helps to re-educate poor alignment and posture

Supports compromised joints

So how does the taping work? 

When tape is applied over an injured area, the elasticity in the tape begins to lift the skin, creating small convolutions on it's surface. This tension creates microscopic space between the skin and the tissues below, allowing lymphatic vessels to dilate and drain excess fluid from the area.

Similataneously, nutrient and oxygen rich blood is drawn into the space as local circulation improves. 

This effect of draining and filling can release pressure from pain receptors impinged by oedema, whilst the new rush of blood helps to boost the tissues vitailty, allowing for a healthier and more functional tissue. 

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