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Minimum Booking Time 

Please note, due to additional travel time required for this location, any visits require a minimum booking time of 2 hours.


If you cannot find an open appointment, feel free to drop us an email and we can put a request out to our team


Require two massages one after the other?

Then please select your therapist to check their availability. Once you've found a suitable time, drop us a quick message and we'll open up the diary directly after the first appointment so you're able to enjoy your massages back to back.  Appointments are otherwise spaced at 2 hourly intervals to allow for travel between sessions.

PPE Update


Our therapists will wear a face mask for the duration of your session unless agreed otherwise. If you'd like to request additional PPE, please indicate this in your online consultation. Thank you.



​Silvie offers:

  • Hot Stone and Swedish Massage Fusion

  • Rejuvenating Holistic Facials

Please note: Silvie requires a minimum booking time of 2 hours for this location due to additional travel.