Antenatal Massage

    Pregnancy massage is our speciality.


    Massage has been used to support women through childbirth and pregnancy for thousands of years. It's a safe and natural practice that can be used throughout your pregnancy, including the first trimester.

    Our treatments are tranquil and soothing, so the mind and body can switch off and let go of stresses and anxieties. For those needing a deeper massage, we understand how to adapt techniques in order to deliver safe and releasing treatment to areas that need it. Utilising known acupressure points to help re balance the bodies' energies both physically and emotionally.

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    Massage & Movement

    Massage and movement sessions give you the opportunity to have some valuable 1-on-1 time, to work through exercises designed to support whichever stage of pregnancy you're currently in.

    Suitable for antenatal and postnatal sessions.


    Likened to Pilates, our sessions will focus around awareness and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles as well as how to coordinate these movements with your breathing. Where possible, we'll incorporate use of a Pilates ball and exercise mat for extra comfort. Exercises are tailored to your own needs and are designed to prepare the body for birth as well as to promote a good and healthy recovery once in postnatal stages.  


    This is also a great time for partners to join a session and learn techniques that will encourage family bonding as well as keep those aches and pains at bay.

    90 minute session

    Recommend starting with 30 minutes of movement/exercises/partner work, followed by 60 minutes of massage

    Postnatal Massage

    Postnatal massage is just the ticket after all your hard work over the last 9 months.

    You body has just been through the most miraculous journey and now is a time for healing. Often, there's so much focus on the new born baby that it's easy to forget the importance of looking after your own body. Typically, new parents experience neck and shoulder stiffness through holding, feeding and most likely a little bit stressed and sleep deprived!


    Massage has also been shown to be beneficial if experiencing symptoms of postnatal depression, due to the release of endorphins (feel good hormones), which are proven to enhance the immune system, relieve pain and reduce stress.

    Depending on circumstances, your baby is welcome to lie on the massage table next to you, or nearby in their cot/pram.

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    Maternity Reflexology

    Take some time out of your busy schedule to sit back and unwind with this wonderful therapy.


    Maternity reflexology is a branch of reflexology that works through a sequence of points on the feet related to pregnancy. Effective for a number of issues commonly experienced by pregnant women, your therapist will work through certain reflex points associated with particular organs, systems and areas of the body to restore balance and harmony.


    Maternity reflexology is often used for those with fertility problems, morning sickness, stress, anxiety and general discomforts felt throughout the body. It can also be used to support early stages of labour or to support women who are over-due. 


    As well as being deeply relaxing, reflexology has been shown to promote better sleep, stabilise mood and improve your overall wellbeing. 

    60 minute session

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    Is massage safe in the first trimester?

    Yes, there are certain cautions to work with but so long as you're with a trained professional and there's no other medical implications then massage is safe and beneficial throughout your pregnancy. 

    What position will I be in for the massage? 

    Most treatments after the first trimester will take place with you lying on your side supported by bolsters, so one half of the body is treated, and then turn halfway to treat the other side.

    Will you touch my belly? 

    We don't usually include abdominal massage in the treatment unless you'd specifically like some massage to your abdomen. Although it is perfectly safe to massage the belly from the second trimester onwards. Sometimes it's nice to connect with the baby by including a gentle hold over your belly and lower back to start or finish treatment. But this would be discussed and agreed upon before treatment starts as this is very individual.

    Can my partner get involved? 

    Absolutely. Movement & Massage sessions that include work with the mat and Pilates ball are a great opportunity for your partner to be shown some massage techniques for supporting you. This experience can be tailored to your needs so please get in touch to learn more.

    How does a postnatal session work?

    If you'd like your baby to be involved in the session or if you're unable to find someone to look after your baby whilst you have your massage, there is room on the massage couch for your baby to lie by your side. This is a lovely experience as it keeps him/her close and supports the bond between mother and baby. You're likely to be most comfortable lying on your side for this session (like the pregnancy sessions), to avoid too much pressure on the breasts and abdomen, but you are welcome to lie on your front or back if preferred. Please note, that we do not offer baby massage at this time.

    What oils do you use?

    For antenatal and postnatal treatments we use Neal's Yard Remedies' Mother's Oil. 100% organic, it nourishes skin with beautiful aromatic infusions of relaxing neroli, uplifting mandarin and sweet almond essential oils, as well as vitamin E-rich wheatgerm oil.